We conduct timed auctions bimonthly with 100 – 150 lots. Quarterly, we hold special live auctions.

We have prepared these questions but feel free to contact us anytime.

How do auctions work?

You send us an enquiry regarding the items you would like to sell including, sizes, makers marks and any damage. It is also useful to know any family history about the item. The items are then selected by our auctioneers and if accepted, you will be contacted for the next step.
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Do I have to send you the item?

No, not necessarily. This is called auction consignment and most customers wish to keep the items in their possession. The items must be inspected and photographed by a member or affiliate of our auction house. We write a receiving report (RR) and list any damage, sizes etc. This can be conducted on your praemissis and the item can remain with you until sold, We just need access to the item if customers wish to view or if questions arise from potential buyers. Most of our buyers are abroad so rely more on our reports than viewing.
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What do I have to pay to sell at your auction?

This depends on the number of lots and total value. A single lot with an estimate of under 100 Euro we ask 10% whereas we would waiver our seller fee for five item with an estimate of at least 100 euro per item,
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Can I set the price I’m willing to sell at?

Yes, this is called an auction reserve, this has to be agreed before the auction. We have a leeway of 10% so if your item has a fix reserve of 1000 Euro we will sell if it reaches 900 Euro but that is the limit.
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I got a different estimate from another auction house.

The estimate given to you is an estimate based on the sale of similar items in our auctions and auction experience. Another auction house, gallery or website may offer more or less depending on their opinion and experience. Our estimates are purely internal estimates and not for insurance purposes.
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When do I get my money?

We pay 14 days after the end of the auction. You will be paid per bank transfer, we cannot pay cash. Payment for items that sell over 5,000 Euro are withheld longer as the buyer has 14 days to return the item.

My item didn’t sell, what now?

You are issued with a list of sold items. If you’re item does not sell, we will enter it into our next auction at a reduced starting price (-20%) until sold. You can of course withhold your item. This will be discussed with the auctioneer.
We are with you for the entire process.
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How many auctions have you had?

A list of past auctions can be found here: Past auctions