We offer you the chance to leave an absentee bid or you can contact us to arrange for over the phone bidding.

If you cannot attend an auctio nin person or bid online, you can place an Absentee Bid before the auction begins. You must register your interest with us at least 12 hours before the auction begins as you must have a bidding number alloted by us to bid.

For each lot you want to leave a bid on, you indicate the maximum amount you would like to pay, and we will bid up to that amount on your behalf. We don’t start at that amount, it is the highest you are willing to go. Please remember that there is our comission and tax to add to the final price should you be successful.

We can also call you back before the auction and arrnge for you to bid over the phone.

You must contact us at least 12 hours before the auction starts to use either of these services.